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About us

Stem Cells Australia is here to help you understand how stem cells are used in medicine now, and what they may offer in the future.

We provide information about stem cell research, clinical trials and where to go to find out more. Stem Cells Australia is a partnership between researchers, patient advocates and community groups, and is supported by the University of Melbourne.

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Who makes up the Stem Cells Australia team?

The information on this website is curated by a team of independent experts from the University of Melbourne and leading community groups and patient advocates. We are united in our quest to assist Australian patients, healthcare professionals, media, policy makers and members of the general public gain access to the facts about how stem cells are used  in medicine now, and what they may offer in the future.

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sca Megan M

Professor Megan Munsie

Melbourne Medical School
School of Biomedical Sciences

sca Christine

Dr Christine Walker

Chronic Illness Alliance

sca Alice

Professor Alice Pebay

Melbourne Medical School
School of Biomedical Sciences

sca Robert

Mr Robert Pask

Policy Advisor and Patient Advocate

sca Megan P

Dr Megan Prictor

Melbourne Law School
Cataract Kids

sca Andrew

Mr Andrew Giles

MS Australia

sca Robyn

Professor Robyn Woodward-Korn

Melbourne Medical School

sca Mario

Dr Mario D’Cruz

Patient Advocate

sca Shanton

Professor Shanton Chang

Faculty of Engineeing and Information Technology

How we aim to make a difference

This website aims to address an information gap on stem cell science by providing clear and reliable facts - verified by leading experts - about research, clinical trials, future treatments and where to go to find out more.

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Stem cells, and their potential to transform healthcare, has captured public attention. However, media coverage of the latest breakthroughs can overstate the benefits and underplay the science involved in delivering safe and effective new therapies.

It can be challenging for patients, health professionals, and interested members of the broader community to find out how, or if, stem cells can help them or someone they care for.

We are here to help contextualise information for anyone interested and stem cell science and regenerative medicine and how these technologies may impact on future healthcare. You might find it helpful to consult our responses to questions that we are frequently asked.

Information on this website is no substitute for independent medical advice. We strongly encourage you to continue to speak to a trusted doctor – who is familiar with your medical history – regarding your healthcare options and what is right for you given your circumstances.

What is the history of Stem Cells Australia?

Stem Cells Australia was established in 2011 by the Australian Government to support research into how researchers could harness the immense potential of stem cells for new diagnostic, therapeutic and biotechnological applications.

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Who is in our network?

Stem Cells Australia works closely with leading Australian charities, support groups and scientific organisations and societies to develop resources for their members about stem cells and regenerative medicine. We also have links to key international scientific societies.



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